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A Grand Legacy
"Arion Press produces some of the most beautiful limited-edition, handprinted books in the world. It carries on a grand legacy of San Francisco printers and bookmakers."
– Michael Kimmelman, New York Times

Presidio's Future
"The Presidio Trust plan emphasizes 'diverse and meaningful visitor experiences.' The best example is Arion Press, a publisher with roots in San Francisco stretching back to 1920. Its editions of such classics as Moby-Dick and contemporary works that pair poets and artists are considered to be among the most exquisitely printed books in the world."
–John King, San Francisco Chronicle

Literary Artistry
"From the beginning, Arion Press has been distinguished by its remarkable ability to transform beautifully written words – from ancient tomes to modern classics, from new material to forgotten texts – into compelling works of art that complement the author’s 'voice' and aesthetically capture the essence of the tale. Above all, Arion Press produces books intended to be read and enjoyed. The visual and tactile aspects merely augment, albeit brilliantly, the reader’s experience."
Carol Grossman, Biblio

More than Words
"Andrew Hoyem believes that when books are concerned, style can enhance substance – that riveting tales and profound truths benefit from refined presentations. At Arion Press, his San Francisco publishing house, he employs the centuries old letterpress method of printing because it imparts a three-dimensional quality to the ink, and the cotton paper that he prefers feels more like a fine shirt than the product of wood pulp. The appeal of a freshly printed Arion Press book extends to its aroma, which mingles the scents of ink, goatskin, and rag paper."
Jack Kelly, Robb Report

Catching Up
"A Day in the Bleachers is Arnold Hano's account of the first game of the 1954 World Series between the New York Giants and the Cleveland Indians. Now, in time for the 2006 World Series the book has been lovingly republished by Arion Press in a hand-hewn, signed limited edition."
Heidi Benson, San Francisco Chronicle

Typographic Firmament
"Innovative design, imaginative combinations of texts and artwork, and immaculate letterpress production have made Arion’s books centerpieces in many private and public collections around the world."
Paul Razzell, Artstar

The Age of Innocence
"Bibliophiles will now have to make space for Arion's latest creation – a limited edition of Edith Wharton's Pulitzer Prize-winning The Age of Innocence. But it is the book as a whole... that truly makes it a thing of beauty. The Arion Press will print just 400 copies of this edition. Cruel words indeed."
– Stephanie Cooperman, Forbes

The Word 1.0
"In order to make this extraordinary Bible, the craftspeople of Andrew Hoyem's Arion Press in San Francisco merged the bookprinting techniques of the 19th century with the computer technology of the 20th. Only 400 copies of this large-format Bible will be made, each one a utilitarian masterpiece likely to last for centuries."
–Thomas Jackson, Forbes

Folio Bible
"Tim Johnson, curator of special collections and rare books at the University of Minnesota, said Arion Press is considered the nation's leading publisher of fine-press books that span from classics to contemporary literature. 'How beautiful the typeset is,' Johnson said of the Arion Press Bible. 'There's a clarity and crispness there that takes your breath away. The spacing, weight of the paper, it all starts to catch your eyes. It is a breath-taking book to look at.' "
– Lucy Her, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Birds of the Pacific Slope
"This work presents the sum of Grayson’s work and our knowledge of the man himself, in a form that will probably never be equalled. Lois Stone and The Arion Press are to be congratulated for producing a beautiful work of artistic, historical, and scientific value."
Robert W. Storer, The Condor