2. A Commonplace Book of Cookery by Robert Grabhorn.

A Commonplace Book of Cookery by Robert Grabhorn, with a preface by M. F. K. Fisher, 1975.

Robert Grabhorn, famed printer and bon vivant, made a collection of quotations about food and drink, which was edited after his death by Arion Press. A trade edition was issued by North Point Press in 1985.

Format: 9-1/2 by 5-1/2 inches, 176 pages. Printed throughout in black, blue, and terra-cotta. Vignettes from wood engravings in École des Cuisinières, Paris, 1875. The types are Monotype Garamont and handset Narciss and Typo Upright Script enclosed in Fournier borders. The paper is Inveresk cream mouldmade. Bound with a blue cloth spine with paper label and grey decorated paper over boards. Edition of 425 copies, $37.50. Out of print.

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