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10. The Apocalypse, The Revelation of Saint John the Divine, with art by Jim Dine.

The Apocalypse, The Revelation of Saint John the Divine from the King James version of the Bible, with 29 woodblock prints by Jim Dine, 1982.

The book of Revelation was the first of several projects that Andrew Hoyem has undertaken with Jim Dine, and it was his first collaboration with a major American artist. This livre d'artiste was informed by the long tradition of illustrating the Apocalypse, from the manuscript era, through Dürer, to modern times. The text is set in two sizes of type as a reading device to differentiate the speakers: 14 point for the account of St. John, and 18 point for louder pronouncements from on high.


Format: 15 by 11 inches, 64 pages. The text type is Garamond Bold composed by Monotype, reset by hand; the display capitals are Stempel Garamond Titling. Printed damp on French handmade Apta Velin from the Richard De Bas Mill. Bound in oak boards with white pigskin spine. Signed by the artist. Edition of 150 copies, $1,500.00. Out of print.*

Oak boxes housing a relief sculpture of a skull face by Jim Dine, cast in bonded plaster and individually painted by the artist, were fabricated with a latched, recessed tray for the book. Edition of 8, $10,000.00. Out of print. Two copies, one for the artist and one for the publisher, with the relief cast in bronze. Not for sale.

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Edition Available: The book format is 15 by 11 inches, 64 pages. Bound in oak boards with white pigskin spine, in oak box housing with relief sculpture by Jim Dine. The book and box set edition is limited to 8 copies for sale. Price: $30,000. Out of print.