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35. Eureka by Edgar Allan Poe, with art by Arakawa.

Eureka, An Essay on the Material and Spiritual Universe by Edgar Allan Poe, with an introduction by Glenn Todd and eight relief prints by Arakawa, 1991.

Binding with acrostic titling in bands that indicate sequence of illustrations.Eureka, a treatise on the nature of the universe and its ultimate destiny, was Poe's last great work. When he finished it in 1848, Poe declared that he was ready to die, because he had nothing more to say. Arakawa, a leading artist in the Minimalist and Conceptualist movements, attributes to Eureka a formative influence on his art. His illustrations use excerpts from the text, overlaying textual and linear elements. Words are crossed out and underlined, obscured and emphasized; vectors powerfully point to and away from points of meaning; curves connect and release cognition; abstractions push and pull betweeen the symbolic and the concrete. The typographic elements of the prints were arranged by Andrew Hoyem. A retrospective exhibition of the work of Arakawa toured Japan in 1991. Eureka was exhibited in 1992 at the New York gallery representing the artist, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts.


Format: 13-1/2 by 9-3/4 inches, 120 pages. The types are Monotype Walbaum for the text and handset Bodoni Book for display. The illustrations are printed from type and photoengravings in grey and black ink. The paper is English mouldmade T. H. Saunders Waterford, hot-press finish. The binding is handsewn over linen tapes, with a grey-flecked rose-colored Japanese cloth over boards, and an acrostic of title, author, and artist on front and back covers. Numbered and signed by the artist. Edition of 250 copies, $450.00. Out of print.

Double page print by Arakawa with textual typographic element.
Double page print by Arakawa with textual typographic element.

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Edition: The format is 13-1/2 by 9-3/4 inches, 120 pages. The binding is handsewn over linen tapes, Japanese cloth over boards, signed by the artist. The edition is limited to 250 numbered copies for sale. Price: $450. Out of print.