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53. Shakespeare's Sonnets

Shakespeare's Sonnets, edited and introduced by Helen Vendler, 1997.

The sonnets of William Shakespeare contain some of the greatest and most memorable poetry in the English language. The establishment of a new text and the publication of a commentary by Helen Vendler of Harvard University, one of the foremost interpreters of poetry, were among the reasons for Arion Press to produce a fine edition of the sonnets and to set the type by hand. A copy of The Art of Shakespeare's Sonnets, a volume of nearly 700 pages, in which she discusses each of the 154 sonnets, accompanies the Arion Sonnets. Vendler has written a separate introduction to the Arion book.

Format: 8 by 7 inches, 196 pages. The type is handset Bulmer and Stylescript, with Monotype Bulmer for the introduction and index of first lines. The paper is linen-content Hahnemühle from Germany. The binding has a red-brown goatskin spine and red-brown floral brocade cloth over boards. The volume is contained in a slipcase with the same leather covering the protruding curved edges that protect the rounded back of the book, and with red-brown paper sides and brocade cloth over the periphery. Numbered. Edition of 200 copies, $750.00. Out of print.

Pair of pages with sonnets 116 and 117.

Pair of pages with sonnets, numbers 116 and 117.

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Edition: The format is 8 by 7 inches, 196 pages, bound in floral brocade cloth over boards with brown goatskin spine. The edition is limited to 200 numbered copies for sale. Out of print.