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76. A Day in the Bleachers

Artist Mark Ulriksen wins national award

Watch Your Back MountainMark Ulriksen, who illustrated the Arion Press edition of A Day in the Bleachers with 14 images of the first game of the 1954 World Series, has been given the award for the best news magazine cover of the year by the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME). His winning cover appeared on the February 27 issue of the New Yorker and depicted President Bush and Vice President Cheney as cowboys.

The ASME commented on what made this cover notable:

"Nowadays, news is covered instantly on the Internet and on the talk and news shows, and expanded upon in newspapers and newsweeklies, making it increasingly difficult for anyone to say anything original. Yet that's what Mark Ulriksen managed in this 'Watch Your Back Mountain' cover..." Read more from the ASME website.

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