Arion Lyre

77. Godot, an imaginary staging by William T. Wiley

David Littlejohn

David Littlejohn is a fourth-generation Californian who has spent most of his working life writing about the arts. A professor at the University of California in Berkeley for thirty-five years, he is the author or editor of fourteen books – including Dr. Johnson and Noah Webster: Two Men and Their Dictionaries, produced by Grabhorn-Hoyem for the Book Club of California in 1971.

A great friend of artist books, he has also broadcast or written almost 600 reviews of literary and artistic events, mainly for KQED-TV and PBS, The Times (London), and (since 1990) for The Wall Street Journal. For decades he has studied the works of both Samuel Beckett and William T. Wiley, and this interest enables him to find parallels between the two, “this meeting of minds or a mating of mimes” as he calls their conjunction.

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