Julie Mehretu: New hand colored prints for Poetry of Sappho,
enhanced in 2013 with handcoloring by the artist

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Sapphic Strophe 1 Sapphic Strophe 2 Sapphic Strophe 3 Sapphic Strophe 4

Julie Mehretu has made four additional prints, images not in the book, that are offered as an extra suite in a portfolio. These prints are somewhat larger and on heavier paper than that used in the book and are individually signed and numbered, suitable for framing. The suite of prints is more limited than the edition of the book. Ten percent of the book edition is accompanied by the portfolio.

The suite of prints by Julie Mehretu is entitled Sapphic Strophes. The individual prints are titled Sapphic Strophe 1 through 4, in a printed statement of limitation on the back of each print. The prints are relief, printed by letterpress from polymer plates, all four from negatives scratched by the artist with an etching needle, two with overlay plates made from negatives of scans of ink drawings on Mylar. The paper is Italian mould-made Revere, 300 grams per square meter, 15 x 20 inches. The prints are signed by the artist and numbered 1/40 through 40/40 for sale and AP 1/5 through 5/5 as artist proofs and PP 1/5 through 5/5 as printer proofs.

In the Fall of 2013, Julie Mehretu offered to handcolor three of the four prints in the extra suite. The artist's newly drawn lines were inspired by graphs in an article in the New York Times, with the graph's loops and swirls giving her ideas for additions to the prints she had made two years earlier. The artist decided that one of the prints was not improved with added color elements, and it was left in black and white. There was no increase in price.

The price of the book is $1,750. The extra suite of prints adds $10,000, making the price for the book and suite $11,750. The prints are not sold separately and the suite is only sold with a copy of the book.

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