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Custom Services

Arion Press offers custom services for the design and production of fine typography and printing. Individuals, businesses, and institutions come to Arion Press when they want distinctive, high-quality products.

Any kind of printed material can be commissioned: books, stationery, business cards, invitations, announcements, advertisements, posters. Our motto: No job too large. No job too small!

We do not apply standard design solutions. Each project is undertaken as a separate challenge and the results are unique. We assume ultimate responsibility for design and quality, bearing in mind the desires of the customer. Pre-designed books are not considered.


Menus, invitations, booklets, and other items printed at Arion Press

We provide graphic design, publishing consulting, in-house typesetting, printing and binding, and contracting production from other companies in the printing industry (for larger quantities).

No technological solution is outside of our range. We suit the technology to the task. Lead type from our foundry might be handset and printed by letterpress on handmade paper in certain instances. Computer-generated type might be printed by offset on acid-free paper in other cases.

Read more about design and typesetting from M & H Type.

Commissioned books

Books printed on commission for Pomona College and the Goldman Fund.

Our hand bindery, besides doing edition binding for Arion projects, also does restoration, repair, and rebinding of books, and makes portfolios, boxes, and other handsome containers.

We are cost-conscious and adhere carefully to budgets. However, our quality is exceptionally high, and the price for such excellence in concept, execution, and materials is not necessarily competitive with the marketplace. Prospective customers are welcome to contact us to discuss their personal and organizational needs.

Sierra Nevada book

Sierra Nevada by Ansel Adams,
printed for Little, Brown and Company

  • Design of books and catalogs
  • Design and printing of stationery, invitations, menus, posters, advertisements
  • Book binding and restoration
  • Book publishing consultation
  • Graphic design
  • Type sales
  • Monotype composition
  • Computer typesetting

For more information about our custom services, or to obtain a quote for a project, please contact the Arion Press at 415-668-2542 or

Through our non-profit organization, we also offer lectures, tours, and instruction by special arrangement. For more information, visit the Grabhorn Institute's website, or contact us by phone at 415-668-2548 or by e-mail at