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In the tradition of grand printed lectern Bibles, the Arion Press Folio Bible is a monument to the scriptures, to fine typography, and to fine bookmaking.

PBS News Hour: The Making of the Arion Press Folio Lectern Bible

Elizabeth Farnsworth of he PBS NewsHour visits Arion Press in San Francisco during the making of what is likely the last Bible to be printed by letterpress from hot metal type. "This Bible is unique because this place is unique. It's one of the last shops in the world where all the work on a book is done under one roof. Press director Andrew Hoyem designed and printed the Bible here, and his colleagues cast the type, made the covers, and bound the work by hand. These artisans and their tools have been designated an endangered cultural treasure by the National Trust for Historic preservation."

CBS Sunday Morning: God's Printer

CBS Sunday Morning looks at the last Bible to be printed by letterpress in the Gutenberg tradition from hot metal type, crafted by hand in a small workshop in San Francisco — The Arion Press, under the direction of Andrew Hoyem. The video shows each step in the making of the Bible, starting in the historic Monotype foundry of Mackenzie and Harris, and also features the cylinder press in operation, the design of special initial letters, the calligraphic illumination process, and the hand sewing of books in the bindery.

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