99. Jonathan Hammer: Prints for Animal Farm

Arion Press’s ninety-ninth publication, Animal Farm, is the influential novel by George Orwell, with prints by Jonathan Hammer. The book contains 24 relief prints in black and red.

The 24 relief prints in the book are also offered as an extra suite of prints on larger sheets of Zerkall natural white, 15 by 12-1/2 inches, in a heavier weight than the paper for the book. Whereas the prints in the book are printed in black with red tints, the prints in the extra suite are entirely hand-colored in watercolors for the red tints with various second colors for the accessories. The suites are presented in a cloth-covered portfolio with titling label on the front. The prints are sold only as a complete set, with a copy of the book. They are signed by the artist and numbered, and are suitable for framing. 

Read Jonathan Hammer's Artist's Note about Animal Farm.

The hand-colored images from the suite are shown below. Click on any thumbnail to view larger image; then use right and left arrow keys to view next or previous image.


1. Sow's Ear Silk Purse   2. Trotter Trotsky   3. Crown Roast in a Bonnet   4. Smoking Tongue

5. Back to Work   6. Plump Rump with Handbag   7. Canoodle Chops   8. Tail Tuck Testes

9. Booming Heart   10. Classy Split Pig   11. Whistle Blower   12. Well-dressed Tripe

13. With a Ribbon in her Hair   14. Popeyed Porker   15. Pearls before Swine   16. Despotic Bacon with Moustache

17. My Uncle's Monocle   18. Pork Belly Soldiering On   19. The Morning After   20. Mirror, Mirror

21. Officer's Tale   22. Button-eyed Sweetbread with Hair Parted   23. Gartered Trouser Trotter   24. Squinting Boss

To order the portfolio and/or book, you may use the "Reserve" form below. The price of the book, edition of 300 numbered and signed copies, is $600. The suite of four lithographs, edition of 30, numbered and signed, is $5,400 with book.

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