John Newman: Original Drawings for The Little of our Earthly Trust

Whirled pink sliced stones, 2009 Spoonfuls (placebo), 2015 Self-reflection and bright yellow, 2016 Blue glass brass leaves, 2004 Gray silk ground glass, 2004 White stones and key hole, 2007 Black and white and lying, 2007 Hanging with pink satin, 1998 Ask the fact for the form (after-mask), 2011 Many entries, 2016 Wine-dark akimbo, 2011 Light and lace maker, 2012 Spoonfuls (gilded amber view), 2015 Spoonfuls (x3), 2016 Cloud-gatherer, 2011 White light headed, 2015 Circumnavigator, 2012 Spoonfuls (hard swollow), 2016 We'd rather have the iceberg than the ship..., 2001 Bound twisted upright (quill), 2010 Custom-made suit with witch doctor's charms, 2009 Spoonfuls (mild stimulant), 2016 Spoonfuls (corrective measure), 2016 Fitting disks in powder blue, 2010 Violet rigged for the dark above, 2011

For this Arion Press artist book, John Newman has made twenty-four drawings of small sculptures made between 1998 and 2016, with a twenty-fifth for the cover. Reversing the process in his early sketches for objects-never-to-be-made, he has now depicted forms he has already made, each from one point of view, as works of graphic art, flat on the page, in gouache, in black, gray, and white, on tan paper. These drawings have been transformed into relief prints and printed by letterpress from polymer plates on French mould-made paper. The titles and dates of creation of the sculptures are used as the titles for the prints, which appear on the facing page of poetry, below the running foot. The prints are arranged in chronological order and spaced at regular intervals throughout the poetry. The price for each drawing is $3,500, unframed, or $3,750 framed.

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