Mark Ulriksen: Paintings for A Day in the Bleachers

The Polo Grounds Maglie Arrives Mays takes fielding practice Perry Como's National Anthem Mueller Battles Lemon Lockman leaps Seventh-inning stretch Mays batting Rosen runs Maglie departs The Catch Hano hopes Pope leaps Victory and defeat

The Catch

For the Arion Press edition of A Day in the Bleachers, Mark Ulriksen has created fourteen paintings in egg tempera on board illustrating incidents in the book. All but one were painted in shades of white to blue-grey to black, and that one is in full color. There are eight single pages, four double spreads, one triple spread, and one quadruple spread, which is the crescendo in color of “The Catch”. The paintings in egg tempera are priced variously, starting at $2,000. Follow this link to view a list of available paintings.

Prints of “The Catch” are available in an edition limited to forty copies for sale. All prints are titled, numbered, and signed by the artist. The price of the print with the book is $1,200.

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Some images are also available as original paintings.

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