98. Kara Walker: Lithographs for Porgy & Bess

Arion Press’s ninety-eighth publication, Porgy & Bess, is the opera libretto by DuBose Heyward and Ira Gershwin, illustrated by Kara Walker. This artist book is the occasion for Walker’s first series of lithographs. The book contains 16 lithographs, with another four images not in the book available separately in a portfolio. 

Read Kara Walker's Artist's Statement about Porgy & Bess.

The images are shown below. Click on any thumbnail to view larger image; then use right and left arrow keys to view next or previous image.


Suite 1. Strawberry woman   Suite 2. Porgy and Crown, superimposed

Suite 3. Porgy and Bess, embracing   Suite 4. Boat in Storm


1. Clara and Baby   2. Crapshooters   3. Crown kills Robbins   4. Porgy and moon

5. Porgy and Bess embrace   6. The dance   7. Crown and Bess on the island   8. Crown seduces Bess

9. Bess, delirious, remembers   10. Fisherman   11. Clara, Bess and baby   12. Bess and baby

13. Porgy kills Crown   14. Porgy taken to jail   15. Sporting Life and Bess   16. Porgy, departing, remembers

To order the portfolio and/or book, you may use the "Reserve" form below. The price of the book, edition of 400 numbered and signed copies, is $1,750. The suite of four lithographs, edition of 40, numbered and signed, is $11,750 with book.

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