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M & H Type Catalogue

Please e-mail us to find out about specific fonts on hand. We have a large selection, so please do not ask for a complete list.

The M & H Type catalogue is currently out of print, but you can now download a digital facsimile (download PDF, 3.6 MB). The catalogue offers hundreds of typefaces and contains specimens of styles, indicating which faces and sizes are available for Monotype composition as well as for sale in fonts for handset composition and letterpress printing. It also has specimens of countless ornaments and dozens of rules and strip borders.

The number of characters in each font is indicated by the "font scheme"; for example, in the catalog page pictured below, 14 pt. Caslon Bold is 12A 23a. This means that the complete font includes 12 capital A's and 23 lowercase a's, with a proportional number of every other character, figure, and punctuation marks. The exact number of each character is shown in the font schemes that can be dowloaded from the link above, in the column under the number for A/a.

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A sample page from the M & H Type Catalogue.

A Sample Page form the M & H Type Catalogue.