M & H Type Foundry

Monotype and Hand Composition

Monotype CasterM & H Type offers Monotype composition to printers who want machine setting of metal type. The Monotype system is far superior to the Linotype, which casts raised letters on lead slugs the width of the line. Monotype is a two-part machine: a keyboard for the punching of a paper tape that is transferred to a caster, providing the directions for casting individual pieces of type, just like handset type. M & H Type will gladly give estimates for both machine-set and handset type, based on your manuscript or layout of copy. We are able to provide fine book composition for printers and publishers and outstanding typography for graphic designers, advertising agencies, and a discriminating general clientele. Our capabilities include highly technical composition and foreign language work.

Composition is furnished by us in galleys or made up in type forms ready for printing by letterpress. One set of galley proofs is pulled for the customer's approval of typesetting. An initial proofreading will have been done and house corrections will have been made by M & H Type; however, the customer is responsible for catching errors that may appear on its galley proofs. Such mistakes are corrected at no charge. A second proof is pulled for any changes. In the case of page makeup, page proofs are pulled. For offset or relief plates we provide camera-ready reproduction proofs.

In our cases are some two hundred typefaces that were cast by other foundries, some of them now quite rare. We cannot cast these faces; consequently they are not sold or rented for printing, but they are available for hand composition in reproduction proofs. View a list of all faces in our collection that were produced by outside foundries, with sizes noted.

We ship by United Parcel Service to any destination in the United States and Canada. We require a metal charge for all composition. This charge may be regarded as a deposit that will be refunded to you or credited to your account when you have returned the metal to our foundry. Metal being returned must have been sorted by grade, so that foundry, Monotype, and slug metal will not be mixed when melted for recycling.

Peter Stoelzl, operating a Monotype keyboard.