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Typefaces available for letterpress printers

M & H Type casts hundreds of typefaces for letterpress printing. Fonts of type for handset composition are cast from hot metal daily in the foundry, keeping an inventory ready to fill your orders. Special castings are possible for those wishing sorts or large quantities for handsetting, and full cases can be cast, instead of packaged fonts. Machine composition is available for many typefaces and sizes.

The following list summarizes the typefaces available for casting at M & H. The numbers and letters after the typeface names refer to the Monotype series numbers. You can also download a list of typefaces and sizes available (PDF file, 104 KB) and a price list (PDF file, 36 KB).

Now available: download a digital facsimile of the M & H Type catalogue (download PDF, 3.6 MB).

Select typefaces alphabetically by name:
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Alternate Gothic No. 1–51j
Alternate Gothic No. 1–Greek Caps Only
Alternate Gothic No. 2 Italic–77k
Alternate Gothic No. 2–77j
Alternate Gothic No. 3–177j
Arrighi–252g (For Companion Roman See Centaur)
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Baskerville Bold–453j
Baskerville Italic–353g
Baskerville Small Caps–353f
Bell Italic–402g
Bell Small Caps–402f
Bembo Bold–428j
Bembo Italic–270g
Bembo Small Caps–270f
Binny Old Style Italic–21g
Binny Old Style Small Caps–21f
Binny Old Style–21e
Bodoni Bold Italic–275k
Bodoni Bold–275j
Bodoni Book Italic–875c
Bodoni Book Small Caps–875b
Bodoni Book–875a
Bodoni Italic–175c
Bodoni Semi-Bold Italic–375c
Bodoni Semi-Bold Small Caps–375b
Bodoni Semi-Bold–375a
Bodoni Small Caps–175b
Bodoni Ultra Italic–675k
Bodoni Ultra–675j
Bold Face–328j
Bookman Old Style Italic–98k
Bookman Old Style Small Caps–98b
Bookman Old Style–98j
Bruce Old Style Italic–31g
Bruce Old Style Small Caps–31f
Bruce Old Style–31e
Bulmer Italic–462g
Bulmer Small Caps–462f
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California Old Style Italic–300g
California Old Style Small Caps–300f
California Old Style–300e
Canterbury Capitals–431 (Gill Floriated; Caps Only)
Caslon Bold Condensed–113j
Caslon Bold Italic–79k
Caslon Bold–79j
Caslon, English Old Style Italic–37g
Caslon, English Old Style Small Caps–37f
Caslon, English Old Style–37e
Caslon, Inland Italic–137g
Caslon, Inland Small Caps–137f
Caslon, Inland–137e
Caslon, New Italic–537g (Semi-Bold)
Caslon, New–537e (Semi-Bold)
Caslon, Original Old Style Italic–337g
Caslon, Original Old Style Small Caps–337f
Caslon, Original Old Style–337e
Centaur Small Caps–252f
Centaur Titling (Caps Only)
Centaur–252e (For Companion Italic See Arrighi)
Century Bold Italic–118k
Century Bold–118j
Century Expanded Italic–20c
Century Expanded Small Caps–20b
Century Expanded–20a
Century Old Style Italic–157g
Century Old Style Small Caps–157f
Century Old Style–157e
Century Schoolbook Bold–620j
Century Schoolbook Italic–420c
Century Schoolbook Small Caps–420b
Century Schoolbook–420a
Cheltenham Bold Condensed–88j
Cheltenham Bold Extended–287j
Cheltenham Bold Extra Condensed–141j
Cheltenham Bold Italic–86k
Cheltenham Bold Outline–12
Cheltenham Bold Shaded–218
Cheltenham Bold–86j
Cheltenham Inline–286
Cheltenham Old Style Italic–64k
Cheltenham Old Style–64j
Cheltenham Wide Italic–164k
Cheltenham Wide Small Caps–164b
Cheltenham Wide–164j
Clarendon Bold Extended–665j
Clarendon Book–650j
Clear Face Italic–89k
Cloister Bold Italic–295k
Cloister Bold–295j
Cloister Text–95j
Cochin Bold Italic–616k
Cochin Bold–616j
Cochin Light Italic–61g
Cochin Light Small Caps–61f
Cochin Light–61e
Cochin Open Initials–262 (Caps Only)
Condensed Gothic–48j
Condensed Gothic–49j
Contour No. 1–40j
Contour No. 6–123j
Cooper Black–282
Cooper Tooled–582
Copperplate Gothic Bold–345j
Copperplate Heavy Condensed–169j
Copperplate Heavy Extended–166j
Copperplate Heavy–168j
Copperplate Light–187j
Craw Clarendon–65j
Cushing Old Style Italic–25k
Cushing Old Style–25j
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Deepdene Italic–315g
Deepdene Small Caps–315f
Devinne Condensed–111j
Devinne Outline–42j
Dorchester Script–436
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Ehrhardt Italic–453g
Ehrhardt Semi-Bold–573j
Ehrhardt Small Caps–453f
English Old Style Italic–2g
English Old Style Small Caps–2f
English Old Style–2e
Engravers Bold–323j
Engravers Roman–223j
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Farmers Old Style–15e
Flash Bold–473
Fournier Ornate–305
Franklin Gothic Condensed–707j
Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed–507j
Franklin Gothic Greek (Caps Only)
Franklin Gothic–107j
Fridericus Antiqua Italic–314g
Fridericus Antiqua Small Caps–314f
Fridericus Antiqua–314e
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Garamond Bold Italic–548k
Garamond Bold Small Caps–548b
Garamond Bold–548j
Garamond, American Italic–648g
Garamond, American Small Caps–648f
Garamond, American–648e
Garamond, English Bold–201j
Garamond, English Italic–156g
Garamond, English Small Caps–156f
Garamond, English–156e
Garamont Light Italic–248g
Garamont Light Small Caps–248f
Garamont Light–248e
Gill Sans Bold–275j
Gill Sans Italic–262k
Gill Sans Light Italic–362k
Gill Sans Light–362j
Gill Sans–262j
Glamour Bold–237
Glamour Light–235
Glamour Medium–236
Gloucester Old Style Italic–99k (Similar To Cheltenham Old Style Italic–64k)
Gloucester Old Style Small Caps–99l
Gloucester Old Style–99j (Similar To Cheltenham Old Style–64j)
Goudy Bible–301e
Goudy Bold Italic–294k
Goudy Bold–294j
Goudy Cursive–324
Goudy Hand Tooled Italic–383k
Goudy Hand Tooled–383j
Goudy Heavy–380
Goudy Light Italic–38g
Goudy Light Small Caps–38f
Goudy Light–38e
Goudy Modern Italic–249g
Goudy Modern Small Caps–249f
Goudy Modern–249e
Goudy Old Style Italic–291g
Goudy Old Style Small Caps–291f
Goudy Old Style–291e
Goudy Open Italic–291k
Goudy Open–291j (Open Version Of Goudy Modern)
Goudy Text–327j
Goudy Thirty–392
Greco Bold–326
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Hadriano Stone Cut–409
Harlequin–299 (Cameo Ruled)
Helvetica Bold–508j
Helvetica Medium Italic–496k
Helvetica Medium–496j
Hess Bold–159j
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Imprint Bold Italic–310k
Imprint Bold–310j
Imprint Italic–101g
Imprint Small Caps–101f
Italian Old Styl Italic–243g
Italian Old Style Small Caps–243f
Italian Old Style–243e
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Janson Italic–401g
Janson Small Caps–401f
Jefferson Gothic–227
John Hancock–142j
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Kennerley Bold Italic–269k
Kennerley Bold–269j
Kennerley Italic–268g
Kennerley Small Caps–268f
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Light Gothic Condensed–50j
Light Lining Gothic–106j
Lightline Gothic–352j
Lining Gothic–176j
Lining Gothic–66j
Lombardic Capitals–310 (Caps Only)
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Mailing List–74l
Massey Initials–126 (Two Color)
Modern Antique–26j
Modern Condensed Gothic Italic–140k
Modern Condensed Gothic–140j
Modern Condensed Italic–1c
Modern Condensed Small Caps–14b
Modern Condensed Small Caps–1b
Modern Condensed–14a
Modern Condensed–1a
Modern Italic–8c
Modern Small Caps–13b
Modern Small Caps–8b
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Neo-Didot Italic–65g
Neo-Didot Small Caps–65f
News Gothic Bold Condensed–205j
News Gothic Bold–93j
News Gothic Condensed–204j
News Gothic Italic–206k
News Gothic–206j
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Pabst Old Style–45j
Park Avenue (Cast From Ludlow Matrices)
Perpetua Bold–461j
Perpetua Italic–239g
Perpetua Small Caps–239f
Philadelphia Lining Gothic–52j
Plantin Bold Condensed–236j
Plantin Bold–194j
Plantin Italic–110g
Plantin Small Caps–110f
Poliphilus Small Caps–170f
Post Text–5a
Powell Italic–97
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Remington Bold–17l
Remington Light–70l
Reproducing Bold Underscored–72l
Reproducing Bold–72l
Rockwell Antique Shaded–193
Romulus Italic–458g
Romulus Small Caps–458f
Ronaldson Italic–16g
Ronaldson Small Caps–16f
Russian Bold–318j
Russian Light–308a
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Sans Serif Bold (Greek Caps Only)
Sans Serif Bold–330j
Sans Serif Extra Bold Condensed–333j
Sans Serif Extra Bold–332j
Sans Serif Light Condensed–357j
Sans Serif Light–329j
Sans Serif Medium Condensed–354j
Sans Serif Medium–331j
Scotch Roman Italic–36c
Scotch Roman Small Caps–36b
Scotch Roman–36a
Smith Premier Light–170l
Spectrum Italic–556g
Spectrum Small Caps–556f
Speidotype Bold–517j
Speidotype Light–417j
Stationers Gothic Bold–85j
Stationers Gothic Light–84j
Stationers Gothic Medium–82j
Stymie Bold Italic–790k
Stymie Bold–790j
Stymie Extra Bold Condensed–490j
Stymie Extra Bold Italic–390k
Stymie Extra Bold–390j
Stymie Light–190j
Stymie Medium–290j
Suburban French Italic–172g
Suburban French Small Caps–172f
Suburban French–172e
Swing Bold–217
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The Times New Roman Bold Italic–334k
The Times New Roman Bold–334j
The Times New Roman Italic–327g
The Times New Roman Semi-Bold Italic–421g
The Times New Roman Semi-Bold Small Caps–421f
The Times New Roman Semi-Bold–421e
The Times New Roman Small Caps–327f
The Times New Roman–327e
Twentieth Century Bold Italic–604k
Twentieth Century Bold–604j
Twentieth Century Extra Bold Condensed Italic–607k
Twentieth Century Extra Bold Condensed–607j
Twentieth Century Extra Bold Italic–603k
Twentieth Century Extra Bold–603j
Twentieth Century Light Italic–606k
Twentieth Century Light–606j
Twentieth Century Medium Condensed Italic–608k
Twentieth Century Medium Condensed–608j
Twentieth Century Medium Italic–605k
Twentieth Century Medium–605j
Twentieth Century Ultra Bold Condensed Italic–610k
Twentieth Century Ultra Bold Condensed–610j
Twentieth Century Ultra Bold Extended–614j
Twentieth Century Ultra Bold Italic–609k
Twentieth Century Ultra Bold–609j
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Univers Bold Condensed Italic–68
Univers Bold Condensed–67
Univers Bold Italic–66
Univers Bold Wide–63
Univers Bold–65
Univers Extra Bold Italic–76
Univers Extra Bold Wide–73
Univers Extra Bold–75
Univers Extra Light Extra Condensed–39
Univers Light Condensed Italic–48
Univers Light Condensed–47
Univers Light Extra Condensed–49
Univers Light Italic–46
Univers Light–45
Univers Medium Condensed Italic–58
Univers Medium Condensed–57
Univers Medium Extra Condensed–59
Univers Medium Italic–56
Univers Medium Wide–53
Univers Medium–55
Univers Ultra Bold Wide–83
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Valiant Bold–412j
Van Dijck Italic–203g
Van Dijck Small Caps–203f
Van Dijck–203e
Veronese Italic–59g
Veronese Small Caps–59f
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Walbaum Italic–374g
Walbaum Small Caps–374f
Wedding Text–388
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About M & H Type: The venerable firm of Mackenzie & Harris, established in 1915, is the oldest and largest type foundry in the United States. Also known as M & H Type, it offers for sale an extensive selection of fonts of type for hand-set composition. Special castings are possible for those wishing sorts or large quantities for handsetting, and full cases can be cast, instead of packaged fonts. M & H Type is associated with Arion Press, fine printers and publishers of deluxe limited-edition books, and the Grabhorn Institute, which sponsors educational and apprenticeship opportunities. All share the premises of a handsome 1928 industrial building in the Presidio national park of San Francisco.


1802 Hays Street, The Presidio
San Francisco, California 94129
Telephone: 415-668-2546
Fax: 415-668-2550
E-mail: mandhtype@arionpress.com