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Save 25% with Starter Set Letterpress Font Specials

For a limited time, you can order a set of 12 and 18 pt. "Starter Set" fonts of selected popular typefaces for letterpress printing, and save 25% off the regular prices from M & H Type, the oldest and largest hot metal type foundry in the U.S. These are perfect for printers just getting started with letterpress, as well as for those wanting to add a new style of handset type to their shops.

You get complete fonts of 12 pt and 18 pt. caps, lower case, figures and punctuation, in the typeface of your choice. These are brand new fonts cast in the M & H Type Foundry on Monotype composition or Thompson casters. (The 12 pt. fonts are cast on the composition casters; the 18 pt. fonts are cast on the Thompson casters except as noted with an *.) You can specify Roman or Italic for each face.

Tied-up font

Packaged fonts

Choose from the following classic Monotype typefaces:

  • Baskerville
  • Centaur*
  • Spectrum

These other starter sets are currently out of stock:

  • Caslon, Original Old
  • Garamond, English
  • Gill Sans
  • Goudy Old Style
  • 20th Century (Futura)
  • Univers
  • Van Dijck*

Regular price: $215.00 (*$200.00 for typefaces marked with an asterisk above) for one 12 pt. font and one 18 pt. font

Save 25%: special price of $161.25 for the set (*$150.00 for asterisked faces), plus shipping and handling ($16 per set in the continental USA; $47 to Canada; $66 to other countries).

Order securely now—choose the "Starter Set" 12 & 18 pt. fonts of your choice:

Choose Typeface
Choose Roman or Italic

Handy Font 644 Handy Font 644

Save 15% on featured Handy Fonts: @@@!

Need some @ symbols to set all those email addresses? M & H Type offers a choice of three Handy Fonts depending on the size and style you need:

  • 14 pt. through 36 pt. Display: Handy Font #644 (shown above)
    Includes five to ten @ symbols in each size: 14, 18, 24, 30, and 36 pt.
  • 5 pt. through 12 pt. Roman: Handy Font #644A (see image below)
    Includes a 22 pica line of @ symbols in each size: 5/6, 6, 8, 10, 11/12, and 12 pt.
  • 6 pt. through 12 pt. Sans Serif: Handy Font #644B (see image below)
    Includes a 22 pica line of @ symbols in each size: 6, 8, 10, 11/12, and 12 pt.; Sans Serif design is from Gill Sans font.

Choose one of these three Handy Fonts; regularly $50.00, special price $42.50 each plus shipping and handling ($10 in the continental USA; $25 to Canada; $30 to other countries). Order securely now:

Choose Handy Font size and style

To order more than one typeface or style at the special price, after adding to cart simply click on "Continue Shopping" button or close cart and add another item from this window. When finished click below to view cart and checkout:

Order by phone, fax, and email: Contact us to order offline and pay by check (see contact information at bottom of this page).

Handy Font 644 Handy Font 644a — Order online now

Handy Font 644 Handy Font 644b — Order online now

About M & H Type: The venerable firm of Mackenzie & Harris, established in 1915, is the oldest and largest type foundry in the United States. Also known as M & H Type, it offers for sale an extensive selection of fonts of type for hand-set composition. Special castings are possible for those wishing sorts or large quantities for handsetting, and full cases can be cast, instead of packaged fonts. M & H Type is associated with Arion Press, fine printers and publishers of deluxe limited-edition books, and the Grabhorn Institute, which sponsors educational and apprenticeship opportunities. All share the premises of a handsome 1928 industrial building in the Presidio national park of San Francisco.

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