M & H Type Foundry

Digital Typography

M & H Type also offers high-quality digital typography and high-resolution output. The same principles of fine typography and letterform selection as found in traditional metal typesetting are applied to our work with computers. Recent developments in software and the expanded capabilities of computers have made desktop publishing possible for nearly everyone. But when the typography for a project needs to be better than ordinary and especially when excellence is required, we urge you to turn to M & H Type for the best typographic work obtainable.

Photopolymer Plates

The making of photopolymer plates for letterpress printing is another service of M & H Type. These steel-backed plastic plates achieve remarkable clarity and provide an outstanding ink-receptive surface for artwork and typography. The customer is expected to furnish the photo-negative for plate making. The quality of this negative is crucial to production of the plate. Negatives must have a minimum density of 3.5 and have the emulsion side up on the right-reading side of the film. Maximum size for one plate is 13 by 18 inches. Various smaller images can be grouped on a single plate and cut apart if a minimum of one-half inch of surrounding space is allowed and the images are arranged so that the cutter can make a single linear cut in either direction across the plate. All material should be carefully proofread before sending the negative, since polymer plates cannot be corrected. Plates are generally made on one or two days each week. Inquire for prices.

Graphic Design and Typographic Consultation

In association with Arion Press, M & H Type offers graphic design and typographic consultation. We can undertake commissions for the design and production of stationery to advertisements to books. Andrew Hoyem, the president of M & H Type and Arion Press, along with his talented staff, can serve you as designers and/or consultants on projects. You are invited to contact us to discuss your needs.