Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Kenny Howard on film titles and typecasting

Photographer Lucy Gray recently interviewed Kenny Howard from
M & H Type about his work on film titles. He also discussed typecasting (the non-Hollywood variety). The 34-minute slide-show/podcast is part of a series called "Lucy Talks Movies" on, and it includes numerous photos of the M & H typefoundry and the Arion pressroom and letterpress facilities. Here's how Lucy introduced the "vodcast":

"Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson have made a new movie called There Will Be Blood, based on the Upton Sinclair novel, Oil. After seeing a special edition of Moby Dick, made by Arion Press, they called the San Francisco publisher of fine art edition books to make the title sequence for the film. Kenny Howard responded."

Kenny Howard portrait
Kenny Howard holding a film title proof; portrait photo by Lucy Gray.

View video.

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