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Many Arion Press titles are sold with separate editions of photographs, prints and portfolios. The list below includes links to online gallery pages showcasing original artworks by Jim Dine, Robert Graham, Bruce Conner, William Blake, Michael Kenna, Stephen Shore, William T. Wiley, and others.

This price list shows all Arion Press photographs, prints, and portfolios currently available, including those titles where only a few copies remain in inventory. The listing is in reverse chronological order, giving publication number, artist, author, title, author of introduction, year of publication, edition size, and price. Click on each title or "view images" link to see more.

Paintings and other unique works of art by Raymond Pettibon, Stan Washburn, William T. Wiley, Mark Ulriksen, William Matthews, and William Hamilton are also available. Read more.

Joel Shapiro print

110. The Bridge, the poem by Hart Crane, scroll format over 50 feet wide, with seven woodblock prints by Joel Shapiro, an introduction by Langdon Hammer, and two photographs by Michael Kenna, 2017. Extra suite of 3 woodblock prints in portfolio. Book & Suite edition: 30, $10,000 View three prints.

John Newman print

108. The Little of our Earthly Trust, poetry by Elizabeth Bishop, selected and with an introduction by Helen Vendler and with twenty-four prints by John Newman, signed by the artist, November 2016. Book & Print edition: 30, $1,500. View book images. View extra print.
Original drawings also available.

Enrique Chagoya print

107. Pedro Páramo, by Juan Rulfo, translated by Margaret Sayers Peden, with a new introduction by Alfred Mac Adam, and ten two-color, two-sided prints by Enrique Chagoya, September 2016. Nine-color relief print, entitled “Nahvi Olin”, with book. . Book & Print edition: 30, $2,350. View print.

William Kentridge print

104. The Lulu Plays, two plays by FRANK WEDEKIND, with 4 prints by WILLIAM KENTRIDGE, signed by the artist, September 2015. Extra suite of 67 drawings bound into the book. . Book & Suite edition: 40, $18,000. View prints.

Kara Walker print

101. What the End is For, a selection of poetry by JORIE GRAHAM, with 16 prints by JULIAN LETHBRIDGE, signed by the artist, November 2014. Extra suite of four prints in portfolio. Book & Suite edition: 30, $4,850.View prints.

Kara Walker print

99. Animal Farm, the novel by GEORGE ORWELL, introduction by PETER STANSKY, with 24 prints by JONATHAN HAMMER, signed by the artist, December 2013. Extra suite of 24 hand-colored prints in portfolio. Book & Suite edition: 30, $5,400.View prints.

Kara Walker print

98. KARA WALKER, artist. Porgy & Bessthe libretto by DUBOSE HEYWARD and IRA GERSHWIN, with 16 lithorgraphs by Kara Walker, November 2013. Suite of 4 additional lithographs in portfolio (images not in book). Book & suite edition 40. $11,750.00. View prints.

Michael Kenna photograph for Thomas Jefferson's Paris Walks

94. MICHAEL KENNA, photographer. Thomas Jefferson’s Paris Walks, text by DIANA KETCHAM, with forty-six photographs by Michael Kenna, and period maps of Jefferson’s Paris, June 2012. Book with original signed photograph: $3,100.00. View images.

Julie Mehretu print

93. JULIE MEHRETU, artist. Poetry of Sappho, in Greek with English translations by JOHN DALEY with PAGE DUBOIS, with 20 prints by Julie Mehretu, 2011. Extra suite of 4 prints in portfolio (images not in book). Book & suite edition: 40. Price: $11,750.00. View prints.

Michael Kenna photos

    MICHAEL KENNA, artist. Eight Original Signed Photographs by photographer Michael Kenna are available for sale, in editions of three, at $2,250 to $4,750 each. Sales support the Grabhorn Institute. View images.
Price: $2,250 to $4,750.

Stephen Shore photos

    STEPHEN SHORE, artist. “Equipment” Series Photographs. Five new prints by photographer Stephen Shore are available for sale, in editions of three, at $2,500 each. Sales support the Grabhorn Institute. View images.
Edition: 3. Price: $2,500.

Kiki Smith book

87. KIKI SMITH, artist. I Love My Love by HELEN ADAM, with 16 prints of her own hair by Kiki Smith, 2009.
Edition: 75. Price: $5,000.

William T. Wiley print

86. and 89. WILLIAM T. WILEY, artist. Don Quixote Book I and Book II by MIGUEL DE CERVANTES, with 42 illustrations by William T. Wiley, 2009.
Colored relief print, "Don Quixote in a Printing House in Barcelona", with book. Edition: 40. Price: $1,500, sold only with the set of books.

Frank Lobdell optional color etching

83. FRANK LOBDELL, artist. The Structure of Rime by ROBERT DUNCAN, with two etchings by Frank Lobdell inset into the front and back covers, accompanied by a separate print, 2008.
Edition: 275. Price: $1,350.
Twelve larger color etchings by Frank Lobdell also available. View images.

William T. Wiley, hand-colored prints for Godot

77. WILLIAM T. WILEY, artist. Fifty unique hand-colored prints for Godot, an imaginary staging in pictures of Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett.
View selection of available prints.
Price for one print with book: $1,500.

Mark Ulriksen Print of The Catch

76. MARK ULRIKSEN, artist. A Day in the Bleachers by ARNOLD HANO, with illustrations by Mark Ulriksen, 2006.
Print of "The Catch" by Mark Ulriksen, with book.
Edition: 40. Price: $1,200.
Original paintings also available. View images

Stephen Shore photograph

70. STEPHEN SHORE, artist. The Age of Innocence by EDITH WHARTON, with an introduction by Diane Johnson, thirty-three color photographs by Stephen Shore, 2004.
Larger prints of the photographs by Stephen Shore, with book.
Edition: 5 of each of the thirty-three photographs. Price for one print and book: $1,850. Additional prints: $1,000. View images.

William Katz print

69. WILLIAM BLAKE, a portfolio of thirteen facsimiles of watercolor drawings accompanying the Arion Press edition of Paradise Lost, 2004.
Edition of portfolio & book: 400. Price: $2,500. View images.

Bruce Conner photogravure

63. BRUCE CONNER, artist. The Ballad of Lemon & Crow by GLENN TODD, new fiction, with six photogravures by Bruce Conner and anonymous artists, signed by author and artists, 2002.
Book and suite of six larger prints.
Edition: 30. Price: $6,000. View images.

William Matthews print

62. WILLIAM MATTHEWS, artist. Arcadia by TOM STOPPARD, with a foreword by the playwright, an introduction by Diana Ketcham, and four views of Sidley Park by William Matthews, 2001.
Suite of four larger prints by William Matthews, with book.
Edition: 50. Price: $3,250. View images.
Original watercolors also available.

William T. Wiley print

61. WILLIAM T. WILEY and KARL BISSINGER, artists. The Voices of Marrakesh by ELIAS CANETTI, 29 photographs by Karl Bissinger, and 6 etchings by William T. Wiley, signed, 2001.
Book with a separate large-format etching by Wiley.
Edition: 50. Price: $2,000. View image.
Original artwork also available.

Mel Kendrick print

56. MEL KENDRICK, artist. Kora in Hell by WILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMS, prose-poetry from 1920, with an introduction by Lawrence Kart, and 21 prints by Mel Kendrick, signed, 1998.
Woodblock prints by Kendrick in scroll format: "Sperm", "Helmet", "Coupling", with book.
Edition: 20. Prices: $3,200 to $4,800. View prints.

Carroll Dunham print

55. CARROLL DUNHAM, artist. The Alienist by MACHADO DE ASSIS, a novella from Brazil, 1881, translated from the Portuguese by Alfred Mac Adam, with 12 drawings by Carroll Dunham, with extra suite of four relief prints, "The Alienist's House", signed, 1998.
Book and suite of prints edition: 30. Price: $3,200. View prints.

Jim Dine photogravure

52. JIM DINE, artist, Ape & Cat, 18 photogravures in an accordion-fold album, with The Madonna of the Future by HENRY JAMES, introduction by Arthur Danto, two volumes in box with lead-alloy bas-relief sculpture by Jim Dine on lid, signed, 1997.
Edition: 75. Price: $3,500. View prints.

Robert Graham lithograph

46. ROBERT GRAHAM, artist. Lie, Sit, Stand, Be Still by MICHAEL McCLURE, a poem with an introduction by the poet, 24 sheets of poetry interleaved with 24 lithographs by Robert Graham, in box with bronze bas-relief sculpture by Graham, signed, 1995.
Edition: 50. Price: $5,000. View prints.

Jim Dine etching

41. JIM DINE, artist. The Case of the Wolf-Man by SIGMUND FREUD, introduction by Richard Wollheim, with 5 etchings and 6 woodcuts by Jim Dine, signed, 1993.
Extra print, with book, "The Wolf-Man's Dream", large etching in black and red.
Edition: 30. Price: $5,950.

Mel Bochner print

34. MEL BOCHNER, artist. On Certainty by LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN, introduction by Arthur Danto, with 12 relief prints by Mel Bochner, with suite of 12 larger-format prints, in portfolio, signed, 1991.
Edition: 30. Price: $4,450.

Jim Dine lithograph

32. JIM DINE, artist. Biotherm by FRANK O'HARA, essay and glossary by Bill Berkson, with 42 lithographs by Jim Dine, one hand-colored, in portfolio, signed, 1990.
Edition: 150. Price: $2,750.
Extra suite of 8 gravure prints by Dine from images in Biotherm, in portfolio.
Edition: 25. Price: $10,000.

Andrew Jackson Grayson print

20. ANDREW JACKSON GRAYSON, artist, Birds of the Pacific Slope, 156 bird portraits by Grayson (1816-69), in portfolio box, with companion volume, a biography of Grayson by Lois Stone and Grayson's ornithological notes, 1986.
Edition: 400. Price: $4,500. View images.

Shaped Poetry prints

08. SHAPED POETRY, various artists, Shaped Poetry, 26 of 30 prints are now available for individual sale. Price: $200.

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