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Arion Press is offering for sale a limited number of desirable and hard-to-find Arion titles: some are officially noted as out of print, a few are from recently discovered inventory, and others are items placed on consignment by their owners. This offering represents an unusual opportunity to acquire Arion books that seldom appear on the rare books market.

The prices are fixed and reflect current values, which are higher than the announced price at publication. Sales are made on a first come basis, and supply is limited, so you are advised to act quickly. These books are generally in fine condition. (Last updated April 2018.)

1.   Picture Poems by ANDREW HOYEM, catalogue of drawings with related writings, 1961-1974, for an exhibition at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, 1975. Paper wrappers: $100.

4.   A Travel Book by FRED MARTIN, with 78 drawings, many with colors. Signed by Martin, the author and artist, 1976. Variant binding with silkscreened, hand-colored print. From an edition of 200 copies of the book, and 26 copies of the print. $1,000.

10. The Apocalypse, The Revelation of Saint John the Divine from the King James version of the Bible, with 29 woodblock prints by JIM DINE, signed, 1982. With oak box housing a relief sculpture of a skull face by Jim Dine, cast in bonded plaster and individually painted by the artist, with a latched, recessed tray for the book. Edition of 8. $25,000.

13. Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror by John Ashbery, with a new foreword to the poem by the poet, an essay on the poem by Helen Vendler printed as liner notes on the jacket of a record album of the poet reading the poem, whose cover has a full-scale color reproduction of the sixteenth-century painting by Parmigianino, “Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror“, and with original prints by Richard Avedon, Elaine de Kooning, Willem de Kooning, Jim Dine, Jane Freilicher, Alex Katz, R. B. Kitaj, and Larry Rivers, signed, 1984. Edition of 150 copies. $12,500.

13. Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror (LP only) by JOHN ASHBERY. The long playing record album which originally accompanied the Arion Press edition. The LP features a rare 1975 recording of Ashbery reading the title poem, liner notes by Helen Vendler across three sides of the gatefold sleeve, a full-scale color reproduction of the sixteenth-century painting by Parmigianino, “Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror”, on the front cover, and a photographic portrait of the poet by Richard Avedon on the back cover, 1984. Original pressing. $250.

18. The World Is Round by GERTRUDE STEIN, a story for children and adults, with pictures by CLEMENT HURD and with a companion volume, The World Is Not Flat by Edith Thacher Hurd, 1986. Variant binding. From an edition of 400 copies. $750.

19. The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler, with an introductory essay by Lawrence Clark Powell, illustrated with 40 photographs by LOU STOUMEN, 1986. Signed by the photographer. From an edition of 400 copies, $1750.00.

26. The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman by LAURENCE STERNE, with an essay by MELVYN NEW and with 39 photo-collage illustrations by JOHN BALDESSARI, signed, 1988. With suite of prints by John Baldessari, $25,000.
One copy of the book is available without the suite of prints, $3,000.

27. Ulysses by James Joyce, with 40 etchings, of which 20 are in color, by Robert Motherwell, signed, 1988. $15,000.

29. The World by CZESLAW MILOSZ, with an introductory essay by HELEN VENDLER and a portrait of the poet in dry-point engraving with chine collé by JIM DINE, signed, 1989. $500.

30. Le Désert de Retz: Le Jardin Pitoresque de Monsieur de Monville; A Late Eighteenth-Century French Folly Garden by DIANA KETCHAM, preface by OLIVIER CHOPPIN DE JANVRY, text in English and French, illustrated with historical views of the park and related sites, facsimiles of the 26 engravings of Le Rouge from 1785, and 32 photographs of the grounds and fabriques by MICHAEL KENNA, 1990. $1,000.

41. The Case of the Wolf-Man by SIGMUND FREUD, introduction by RICHARD WOLLHEIM, with 5 etchings and 6 woodcuts by JIM DINE, signed, 1993. $1,250.

51. Williwaw by GORE VIDAL, fiftieth anniversary of his first novel, with plans for the ship that is the setting of the story, and photographs of the author, signed, 1996. $600.

55. The Alienist by MACHADO DE ASSIS, a novella from Brazil, 1881, translated from the Portuguese by ALFRED MAC ADAM, with 12 drawings by CARROLL DUNHAM, signed, 1998. $900.

59. Cane by JEAN TOOMER, with woodblock prints by MARTIN PURYEAR. August, 2000. $2,500.

61. The Voices of Marrakesh by ELIAS CANETTI, afterword by FERDINAND PROTZMAN, 29 photographs by KARL BISSINGER, and 6 etchings by WILLIAM T. WILEY, 2001. $1,000.

73. Gloria, twenty-eight poems by BILL BERKSON with twenty-five etchings by ALEX KATZ, 2005. With suite of Alex Katz prints, $25,000.

77. Godot, an imaginary staging by WILLIAM T. WILEY of Waiting for Godot by SAMUEL BECKETT, with an introduction by DAVID LITTLEJOHN, program note and synopsis by ANDREW HOYEM, and an afterword by WILLIAM T. WILEY, 2006. $1,000.

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