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Those wishing to collect Arion Press limited editions are invited to join our subscriber group. Members include general readers, art collectors, scholars, and appreciators of fine printing and book design, as well as museums and libraries.

Subscription involves a commitment to purchase each book in our ongoing subscription series, generally two or three books per year, at an annual cost of approximately $2,000 after a 30% subscriber discount. To initiate your subscription, we ask that you agree to purchase all books in the current year’s series, paying as they come out, as well as any three books of your choice from the catalogue. They must be in-print titles, not consignment or special sale books. There is no fee to join.

Publications that are more expensive or specialized, or are additional features to books, are designated as optional for subscribers. Examples include our folio Bible, Andrew Jackson Grayson’s The Birds of the Pacific Slope, and extra prints issued with artist books. One benefit given subscribers is the first opportunity to purchase these optional works, which are often issued in extremely limited editions; a subscriber discount applies, usually between 10% - 30%. Our most recent optional items are:

  • The Bridge, suite of 3 woodblock prints by Joel Shapiro. Edition of 30, 13-1/2” x 25”. Must be purchased with book: combined subscriber price, $7,000 (retail $10,000).
  • North and South”, a hand-colored linoleum block print by John Newman to accompany The Little of our Earthly Trust. Edition of 30, 18” x 24”. Must be purchased with book: combined subscriber price, $2,040 (combined retail $2,700).
  • Nahui Olin”, a nine-color relief print by Enrique Chagoya to accompany Pedro P├íramo. Edition of 30, 18” x 24”. Must be purchased with book: combined subscriber price, $1,795 (combined retail $2,350).
  • The Lulu Plays, suite of 4 linocuts by William Kentridge. Edition of 40, 24-3/4” x 19-1/4”. Must be purchased with book: combined subscriber price, $14,200 (combined retail $18,000).

Subscribers are sent a prospectus and invoice as each new book is released. Some subscribers choose to pre-authorize payment using their credit card. A subscription also entitles you to purchase two copies each of previously published books and prints, if available, at the prevailing subscriber discount. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to speak further about a subscription. We appreciate your interest and look forward to welcoming you to our group of collectors.

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In the Media

“Arion Press, a San Francisco publisher, produces some of the most beautiful limited-edition, handprinted books in the world. It carries on a grand legacy of San Francisco printers and bookmakers. There are too few things in the world that can be said to be done with perfect love and care. Arion makes fresh art out of old (and not so old) literature by matching artist and writer with typeface, paper and binding.”
Michael Kimmelman, New York Times

“Innovative design, imaginative combinations of texts and artwork, and immaculate letterpress production have made Arion’s books centerpieces in many private and public collections around the world.”
Paul Razzell, Artstar

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