Birds of the Pacific Slope || Andrew Jackson Grayson

Birds of the Pacific Slope || Andrew Jackson Grayson


A portfolio of 156 bird portraits
With a biography of Grayson by Lois Chambers Stone
And field notes on the plates by Andrew Jackson Grayson

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Andrew Jackson Grayson was a self-taught ornithologist and artist who, inspired by James John Audubon's Birds of America, decided to continue where Audubon left off. For 17 years he lived and traveled throughout California and Mexico, collecting specimens and painting birds native to the lands west of the continental divide. Some are shown with elaborately painted backgrounds; many show their nests, preferred roosts, and diet.

 The University of California, Berkeley has held Grayson’s collection in the Bancroft Library since 1879, but it remained largely unknown to the public. In 1949, Lois Chambers Stone, a staff artist at the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology in Berkeley, discovered the archive and spent several years researching a biography of Grayson, published here for the first time.

Production Details

  • Edition of 400 copies for sale

  • Portfolio: 25 by 19 inches, 160 leaves
    Companion volume: 12 by 9 inches, 436 pages

  • Bound in Dutch linen cloth with gold-stamped leather labels

  • Arion Press publication #20, 1986

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