Ape & Cat || Jim Dine

Ape & Cat || Jim Dine


An album of photogravures by Jim Dine
Accompanied by the story The Madonna of the Future by Henry James
With an introduction by Arthur C. Danto

Signed by the artist

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Ape & Cat is an accordion-fold album of 18 photogravures by Jim Dine. The Madonna of the Future is a long short story by Henry James, with one photogravure by Dine and one tipped-in photograph. Both books are presented together in a box with lead-alloy bas-relief sculpture by Dine inset on the lid.

This publication came about by a remarkable coincidence. Jim Dine had been inspired by a small porcelain figurine of a cat and monkey in human clothes. Friends of the artist and the publisher alerted them to a story by Henry James from 1873 that employed the same figurine. Dine enlarged and reinvented the couple for a series of sculptures, paintings, and drawings to accompany the text.  

Production Details

  • Edition of 75 numbered sets for sale

  • Album: Accordion-fold, 16 by 12 ½ inches, 20 pages
    Book: Octavo, 12 ¼ by 8 ¾ inches, 68 pages

  • Both books bound in sage green cloth, housed in a box with lead bas-relief sculpture

  • Arion Press publication #52, 1997 

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