Paradise Lost | by John Milton |

Paradise Lost | by John Milton |


The poem in twelve books by John Milton
Edited and with a note on the text by John T. Shawcross
Introduction by Helen Vendler

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Milton composed Paradise Lost after 1652, when he had gone blind, dictating it from memory to a secretary. Inconsistent writing and recopying by different scribes, numerous corrections in the manuscript, and the application of house styles in addition to errors by printers contributed to the unreliability of the spelling, punctuation, and capitalization of the text. Changes by a succession of publishers reflected typographic conventions and scholarship of the day; mistakes and inconsistencies were often perpetuated.

Professor John T. Shawcross, an eminent Miltonist at the University of Kentucky, developed a modernized text for the Arion edition. His appended “Note on the Text” explains the modifications.  

This edition pays typographic tribute to two earlier editions of Milton’s epic poem: the second edition of 1674, when the text was divided into twelve books rather than ten, and the second Baskerville edition of 1759.

Production Details

  • Edition of 400 numbered copies for sale

  • Octavo, 10 by 6-7/8 inches, 432 pages

  • Bound in full black linen, in a slipcase, both with purple leather labels

  • Arion Press publication #64, 2002

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