Godot || William T. Wiley

Godot || William T. Wiley


An imaginary staging by William T. Wiley
of Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
Introduction by David Littlejohn
Program note and synopsis by Andrew Hoyem

Signed by the artist

Accompanied by a copy of En attendant / Waiting for Godot
by Samuel Beckett, published by Grove Press

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This book is not the play Waiting for Godot, but an artist book about the play, containing a critic’s appreciation, fifty three-color prints, a synopsis, and commentary.

Selected Artwork

William T. Wiley is an apologetic visual and verbal punster. Characters are represented as hourglass figures. At the bottom of the hourglass is an ampersand (&). The sign for “and” stands for the “sand” running through the hourglass. Time, as an hourglass sunk in a sandbox, is an “embedded reporter”. The hangman’s noose that dangles from a branch becomes a serpent entwining the tree.

Each copy is accompanied by the bilingual hardcover trade edition of Waiting for Godot, published by Grove Press.

 Production Details

  • Edition of 300 numbered copies for sale

  • Folio, 15 by 10 inches, 68 pages

  • Bound with blue cloth spine and printed paper sides, in slipcase

  • Arion Press publication #77, 2006

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