Gift Certificate || Arion Press and M&H Type

Gift Certificate || Arion Press and M&H Type


A lovely gift for your favorite letterpress enthusiast, book collector, type nerd, or art lover!

Of course we don’t use those little plastic cards. Our gift certificates are letterpress printed on white mouldmade paper with a deckle along the bottom edge, and we are happy to mail them anywhere in the world.

Certificates are usable toward purchases at both Arion Press and M&H Type, or a combination thereof. Please call or email us to place an order.

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Production Details

  • Edition of XX numbered copies for sale

  • Quarto, 11 7/8 by 9 ½ inches, 116 pages (eg.)

  • Bound with leather spine and cloth sides, with slipcase

  • Arion Press publication # XX, 20XX

Read the full prospectus here.