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Now entering our second century, M & H continues to cast metal type from our extensive library of faces for letterpress customers around the globe.

Back in Stock – Goudy “Thirty”!

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M & H is pleased to offer a new casting of Frederic Goudy’s final typeface, Goudy Thirty. From M & H’s original announcement: “Mr. Goudy was determined to design a type to be brought out after he had passed on, to be called ‘Goudy Thirty.’ F.W.G said, ‘This design, which I had long been working on at odd times, struck me as particularly adapted for the purpose. As I worked on it I had determined to make it, as far as I was able, my last word in type design, a type in which I would give imagination full rein, and a type by which as a designer of types I would be willing to stand or fall, even though not here in the flesh to defend its possible vagaries or idiosyncrasies. The type pleases me; it will please some readers; it may be execrated by others; I wish that I might know how it will be received, and maybe I shall!’ ”

If you would like to order Goudy Thirty, please reach out to us through our order form below.

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