The Bridge | by Hart Crane | Joel Shapiro

The Bridge | by Hart Crane | Joel Shapiro

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A poem by Hart Crane
With seven woodblock prints by Joel Shapiro

Introductory volume by Langdon Hammer
With two photographs by Michael Kenna

Signed by the artist
Optional portfolio of prints available

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“Even for specialists, ‘The Bridge’ remains no easy assignment … It’s a hard poem because of the emotional and frankly personal demand it makes on the reader. Crane invites us to join him in the poem, in the same way that he joins the writers he addresses directly: Whitman, Dickinson, Melville, Poe. Keep in mind that, in the 1920s, these were not the secure American classics they are today, but rather overlooked or controversial authors whom Crane identified with, despite the aesthetic risk involved. In effect, he asks us to do the same for him.”
—From the introduction by Langdon Hammer

This intimate poem is presented in scroll format, requiring a deeper level of participation and engagement between the reader and the text. Accompanied by a booklet with a new essay on the poem by Langdon Hammer and with two photographs of the Brooklyn Bridge by Michael Kenna.

Production Details

  • Edition of 300 numbered copies for sale

  • Scroll, 13-1/2 inches by 50 feet

  • Wound on aluminum spool with bookcloth wrapper, housed in a box

  • Arion Press publication #110, 2017

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Optional Portfolio of Prints

  • Edition of 30 suites for sale, prints signed and numbered by the artist

  • Printed on Magnani mouldmade paper, 13-1/2" by 25" (one double sized)

  • Housed in a cloth-covered portfolio, with limitation

  • $7,500; sold only with a copy of the book