The Holy Bible ||

The Holy Bible ||

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The New Revised Standard Version of the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament

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Following in the tradition of Gutenberg and other fine printers over more than five centuries, Arion Press created a Folio edition of the Holy Bible using traditional letterpress techniques and the finest materials and craftsmanship. It is the first large folio presentation of the contemporary translation of the New Revised Standard Version, and it is probably the last Bible to be printed by letterpress from metal type.

This Bible is intended for liturgical use in church services as well as for personal and institutional collections. Because of its size, it is bound in two volumes for ease of handling and display. Designed for ease of reading from a lectern, the text is set in Romulus, a graceful text with clear characters. Each book begins with a large red initial letter, created by the noted type designer Sumner Stone. In the limited illuminated edition, these red initials are hand-embellished with genuine gold and watercolors in designs created by calligrapher Thomas Ingmire.

This edition has been set in type, printed, illuminated, and bound entirely in-house. In the tradition of grand printed Bibles, it is a monument to the Scriptures, to fine typography, and to the book arts.

Production Details

  • Edition of 400 copies, of which 150 have illuminated initials

  • Folio, 18 by 13 inches; 1,356 pages in two volumes

  • Somerset mouldmade 100% cotton paper

  • Weight with box is approximately 50 pounds

  • Arion Press publication #60, 2000

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