Subscribing to the Arion Press

If you are interested in collecting Arion Press limited editions, we invite you to join our subscriber group. Subscribers agree to purchase each book in our main series of publications, usually three books a year. In return for their guaranteed support, they receive a 30% discount. Members include general readers, art collectors, scholars, and appreciators of fine printing and book design, as well as museums and libraries.

We depend upon our Subscribers’ commitment; these guaranteed sales allow us to project and budget for future projects, to take risks and dream big.

How do I subscribe?

Subscription involves a commitment to purchase each book in our ongoing subscription series, generally three books per year, at an annual cost of approximately $2,200 after a 30% subscriber discount.

To initiate your subscription, we ask that you agree to purchase all books in the current year’s series, paying as they come out, as well as any three books of your choice from the catalogue. The 30% subscriber discount will apply. They must be in-print titles, not consignment or special sale books. There is no fee to join.

To become a subscriber, please contact us by email or phone, or fill out the form below.

Are there other benefits to subscribing?

Subscribers may purchase up to two copies of each Arion title using their discount, which makes for excellent gift-giving. They also receive invitations to parties and events, and a special letterpress-printed annual keepsake unavailable for purchase.

Subscribers also have the first opportunity to purchase deluxe editions and special projects, which are often issued in very small editions and sell out quickly. Deluxe editions and special projects are designated as optional for subscribers; a smaller discount applies, usually between 10% - 30%. Examples include our folio Bible, Andrew Jackson Grayson’s The Bids of the Pacific Slope, and extra prints issued with artist books. Recent examples of optional items include: 

  • Deluxe edition of Frankenstein with art by Tim Hawkinson. Edition of 30, accompanied by a stand-alone print signed by the artist. Subscriber price $2000 (retail $2500).

  • Deluxe edition of The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde, with art by Sandow Birk. Subscriber price $1760 (retail $2200).

  • Suite of 3 woodblock prints by Joel Shapiro created to accompany The Bridge, by Hart Crane. Edition of 30, 13-1/2” x 25”. Must be purchased with the book. Combined subscriber price, $7,000 (retail $10,000).

  • The Lulu Plays, suite of 4 linocuts by William Kentridge. Edition of 40, 24-3/4” x 19-1/4”. Must be purchased with book. Combined subscriber price, $14,200 (combined retail $18,000).