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Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus
by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, with art by Tim Hawkinson

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of its publication, we are pleased to announce a new limited edition artist book collaboration with Tim Hawkinson: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus. The book features and introduction by Todd Hosfelt, proprietor of the Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco, and nine hypodermic ink drip drawings and a two-color title page vignette by Hawkinson. It is issued in both Standard and Deluxe editions and is Hawkinson’s first artist book.

For the project, Hawkinson built a customized pen tool incorporating a hypodermic needle stylus and gravity-fed ink reservoir. Sheets of butcher paper were pinned to a board fixed to the wall by means of a turntable. These mechanisms in place, a series of horizontal lines was made on the paper. With each horizontal mark, ink dribbled downwards. The paper was spun and the process repeated from different angles to construct a picture. When the drawings are sized-down to fit the pages of the book, the accumulation of lines creates an effect similar to the cross-hatching incised into an etching plate. The resulting black and white drawings appear both surprisingly modern and timeless, departing from the gothic visuals traditionally associated with Dr. Frankenstein’s tale, yet growing directly from the heart of Shelley’s story.

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The Fairy-Tales of Oscar Wilde, with art by Sandow Birk

Accompanied by the drawings of artist Sandow Birk, whose images deftly extract messages from the stories and capture them in the light of modern-day, the Arion Press edition of The Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde is an essential piece in the puzzle of the writer’s work.

Birk’s artworks capture both the contradiction and the complexity of the stories, illuminating their timeless themes through imagery that bears a startling and immediate familiarity to today’s reader. The stark lines and style might at first trick an unsuspecting viewer into believing they do hail from Victorian times, but the content is very much of the now.

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Stone from Delphi Poems by Seamus Heaney, with watercolors by Wendy Artin

Only a few copies remain of this lovely edition from 2012. This was the last book of his poetry published during Seamus Heaney’s lifetime; Professor Helen Vendler selected these classically-themed poems with his input. Wendy Artin’s sixteen watercolor drawings, made especially for this book, were made from Greek and Roman statues whose subjects appear in these poems.
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The Boobus and the Bunnyduck - An original artist book by Jess

The Boobus and the Bunnyduck is a full-scale, full-color facsimile of the original unique artist book made by Jess Collins in 1957. Our edition of 100 copies is almost sold out.

Poet Michael McClure wrote the story for his daughter Jane, nicknamed “Boobus”. In the 1950s the McClures were friends of Jess and his partner Robert Duncan, visiting them frequently after their return from Mallorca and Black Mountain College. It is likely that Michael showed them his children’s story in 1956 or 1957; Jess proceeded to illustrate it using ink and colored wax crayons. Crayons, usually thought of as art materials for children, were favored by Jess and Robert for the drawings they often made as after-dinner entertainment.  
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