7. Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott, with art by Andrew Hoyem.

Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott, with an introduction by Ray Bradbury, illustrated with 14 line drawings and 10 diecuts by Andrew Hoyem, 1980.

A satire about a two-dimensional world vexed by single- and multi-dimensionality that has been continuously in print since first published in 1884, enjoyed by young students of geometry and sophisticated physicists alike, and hailed as a precursor of science fiction. Andrew Hoyem's radical design and illustrations realize many implications of the book, such as: the "volume" can be opened out flat to form a thirty-foot plane; the plane-geometrical citizens of Flatland are infinitely thin (holes in paper); they cast shadows; their edges glow.

Format: 14 by 7 inches, accordion-fold of 56 folded panels. Watercolors added by hand. The type is Univers, composed in Monotype, then reset by hand. The paper is T. H. Saunders hot-press finish, mouldmade. Bound in aluminum covers, in a hinged and clasped aluminum container. Numbered and signed by Bradbury. Edition of 275 copies, $400.00. Out of print.

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