11. The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett.

The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett, illustrated with 46 period photographs of sites in the novel, with a preface by the publisher, including an appreciation by private investigator David Fechheimer, and an appendix with notes on the photographs by Glenn Todd, 1983.

The hard-boiled detective novel deserved higher esteem than had been accorded the genre by critics of American literature, so Arion Press set out to honor the premier example in the town where Hammett wrote the book, researching the story to illustrate it with photographs, found mainly in old newspaper morgues and library archives, taken in the late 1920s, of the actual streets and buildings where Sam Spade solved the mystery. Contemporary views were photographed by Edmund Shea. A trade edition was published by North Point Press in 1984.

Format: 10 by 8 inches, 304 numbered pages, 44 pages and a 4-page fold-out, unnumbered, for illustrations. Composed in Monotype Bodoni semi-bold and handset Corvinus medium, with spade ornaments, printed by letterpress on Byron Weston Linen Record. Photographs printed by offset lithography on dull-coated stock. Bound with bonded black leather spine and foil-stamped falcons inset on grey cloth covers, in grey cloth slipcase. Edition of 400 copies, $325.00. Out of print.

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